Gaurav Koley Internet Lurker, Poet, Creator of Gratia, Actively and Pdfvuer

My Open Source Projects

These are all the open source projects I've (co-) created and am actively maintaining or using. (see my GitHub profile for all contributions)

pdfvuer A PDF viewer for Vue using Mozilla's PDF.js that supports both Vue2 and Vue3 638 ★
saadhn A desktop client for JioSaavn, based on the official JioSaavn web app. Built with Electron. 63 ★
sani Less Is More. Less Code, More Blogging. 13 ★
actively Actively track user engagement and know when they move away from your page. 9 ★
baserock Responsive CSS boilerplate starting point. 7 ★
arcana-vim A Sassy configuration for Vim. 6 ★
modis_county_cropper Download and extract USA County specific data from NASA MODIS Remote Sensing Dataset 5 ★
latex-homework-boilerplate A simple LaTeX paper boilerplate for academic homework. 5 ★
trails A WebExtension for Tracking your own Digital Trail. 3 ★
dotfiles .files 3 ★
offtrav Idea for Hackathon 2 ★
porto Jekyll theme inspired from 1 ★
java-hello-world Integrating with jenkins 1 ★
cappella A peer to peer shared music player 1 ★
gratia_devops_report 0 ★
arkokoley 0 ★

Past Open Source Projects

I used to work on these projects, but am either no longer involved with them or they are archived.

tedit A text Editor in C++ for my School Project. 1 ★
Calculator A graphical scientific calculator in C++. Written for my school project 1 ★